Littlecodr | K-1

Fun Card Game Based Activities to Develop Procedural Logic Skills | taught by Shera Lumsden

Course description

Complete unit: lessons, activities and resources for ten weeks of activities with students, teach procedural logic skills via the card game Littlecodr.

Aside from these lesson plans, you will need the Littlecodr card game (recommended 1 set per 15-20 students).

To enhance the classroom experience, instructional posters and large action cards which can be printed out to large sizes are included as PDFs in the online modules.

Curriculum Big Ideas:

Technologies are tools that extend human capabilities.

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies:

Students develop their skills and add new ones through play and collaborative work
Identify needs and opportunities for designing, through exploration
Generate ideas from their experiences and interests and add to the ideas of others
Choose an idea to pursue.
Use materials, tools, and technologies in a safe manner in both physical and digital environments
Develop their skills and add new ones through play and collaborative work
Explore the use of simple, available tools and technologies to extend their capabilities

Shera  Lumsden
Shera Lumsden

Shera Lumsden is a music educator and curriculum writer, a Health Information Management Professional and ESL Teacher. Her research at Queen’s University involves the use of music and sound to facilitate neuroplasticity in learning. Shera is focusing on the development of multimodal curriculum materials that promote brain plasticity.

As the Director of the MusicMates skill development center, Shera works closely with individuals with complex medical and developmental needs to facilitate social, developmental and learning opportunities using music. Shera is the mother of a child with special needs and has channeled her personal experiences and passion for music-based skill development into developing curriculum that is cooperative, memorable and accessible.

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Course Curriculum

Module 1
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Module 2
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Module 3
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Module 4
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Module 5
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Module 6
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Module 7
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Module 8
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Module 9
Lesson 9
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Module 10
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Large Action Cards for Activities
Large Action Cards
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Instructional & Display Posters
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