QGIS and Geology : Unit 1 | Grades 11-12

Getting started with QGIS in Earth Sciences | taught by Alan LeBlanc

Course description

Complete unit: lessons, activities and resources, teaches skills for the open platform QGIS and presents projects to help students use GIS programming in the context of earth science. This unit is equivalent to a 3 day workshop with 10 weeks of lesson plans. No previous coding experience is required.

The projects here map to Earth Sciences 11 and Geology 12 and also Geography 12.

Other core competencies include Critical Thinking

Alan LeBlanc
Alan LeBlanc

Alan LeBlanc has nearly 15 years of experience in the geoscientific industry. A graduate of Dalhousie (B.Sc. 2000) and Centre of Geographic Sciences ('01), he is passionate about teaching and training. He spent six years as an instructor for mining software, as well as performing field work and training for new employees in many outdoor locations. He is currently pursuing several professional designations with multiple organizations. Alan has an interest in open-source materials for education and technical work. His main focus is on the mining and the resource sector, with a strong background in exploration, satellite imagery, GIS, and CAD drawing. He currently lives in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia with his family.

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Course Curriculum

Geography, Geology and QGIS
Project - Multimedia presentation (geology)
Project - Rock autopsy (geology)
Project - Traversing and mapping (geology)
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Project Files for Download
City streets
City streets
Elevation points
Water Hydrants
Greenest City Projects
Public Washrooms
Texas Geology
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