Digital Literacy Unit 1: Online Searches | Grades 6-7

Develop students' abilities to perform better online searches. | taught by Robin and James

Course description

Complete unit: lessons, activities and resources

aimed at 6-7th graders, teaches more effective methods for conducting online searches. The lesson plans cover 10 weeks of activities with students.

Curriculum "Big Ideas":

Complex tasks require the acquisition of additional skills

Design can be responsive to identified needs

Curricular Competencies

Students will be able to:
• Ask effective research questions
• Turn questions into keyword searches
• Search effectively and efficiently for information online
• Identify bias
• Determine the credibility and value of a website

Students will know:
• How search results work
• How to evaluate search results
• How to choose the best search techniques for different types of searches

Materials needed:
• Internet
• Notebooks
• Slides and images in unit
Robin and James
Robin and James

Robin Ulster and James Denby are teachers and workshop leaders who are passionate advocates for the potential of technology to give voice to and empower individuals and groups. They have been lucky enough to work with students and teachers in Canada, the United States, Turkey, Colombia and Thailand during their 20 year teaching careers. Robin and James believe that technology in education should be meaningful, integrated and authentic.

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Course Curriculum

Improving Online Search Skills
Curriculum Overview FREE PREVIEW
Module 1: Thinking Before Searching FREE PREVIEW
Module 2: From Topics to Questions
Module 3: From Questions to Keywords
Module 4: Choosing a Search Engine
Module 5: Algorithms
Module 6: Search Tips, Filters and Operators
Module 7: At First Glance
Module 8: Evaluation and Evidence
Module 9: Reviewing Proof and Criteria
Module 10: Application and Practice
Some Search Challenges
Assessment and Evaluation
Adaptations and Modifications
Resources and References
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